HK Rally 2015

HK Rally 18-10-2015







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19/9/2015 Result

OVERALL RESULT 1.5km & 7km

Only Kids Result  ൣզZ

Only Team Result ڦZ

Only Men Result klզZ

Only women Result klզZ

V.P Result ٲզZ


Run Light Stand 2015

Runner List : 


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pѿˤͥNALݥtƩeUѡAХXܦqlCL(ql) ñ 
(T-shirtؽXXS, S, M, L XLAoA]լΧ)

Your "Run Light Stand 2015" race kit is ready. For collection, simply present this email to our staff either with a hard copy or through an electronic device. If your friend/relative will pick up your race kit, letter of authorization is not required. He/she only needs to show a printed or electronic copy of this email. And to sign after receiving

Please note that T-shirt sizes (XS, S, M, L & XL) might not be all available and are first-come, first-served. No fitting or change is allowed.
Collect Date : 10-17/ SEP/ 2015
oɶCollect Time : (12:30PM to 19:00PM)
aI VenueGLaunch 8 - Ku~Ay810 (KaKCXfU-turn) 8/F, Room 810, Block A, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Lai Chi Kok MTR Station Exit C)
Tel: 35683354 Map:

** Do not fold or bend the number bib, or the timing chip on it might not be able to work properly for your run.**

To collect Racer pack (including race number bib), runners must collect within the time specified, such as on race day to receive, additional administrative fee will be charged HK$50.

d: | 8119 4312
Enquiry: | 8119 4312. 
Please visit our website, to get the latest news.

߷R]]Run Light Stand 2015

Run Light Stand ߷R]] 2015 (English Please roll down)

߷R]]Run Light Stand 2015 O@ӫWSO]]ʡAĤJM©]P]ɡAR]HKA@Pɨeҥ]]C
ʦq@}~AƼѤͰOO (91/10582)AXiquAȡC
D : BʾǷ| : ѤͰOO (91/10582)
G2015~919 (P)
XaIGjHjwWHD򪽤ɾW ({§N]mC~恊|a)
ɮɶGp1.5 KM 18:00 / 7KM 19:00 / ٲ 19:10

qGjH 75KAibjH 20C Mup
mGɬq]@Ӥ(ըFYXY) N]ȪMFӰ_Iβ

]ɼG(ӤH)CռYQWA(ڼYW) iHoP§~



# Ƶ:j|Od̫׭qvQA@ƥH媩@ǡAqЯdN! 

Run Light Stand 2015 is a unique charity run event that puts sunset and dark night into running at night, creating an unprecedented night run experience for all types of runners.

The proceeds from the event after expenses will go to Brotherhood Charity Foundation (91/10582) for further supporting their volunteer’s services.
Organized by: Hong Kong Multisports Association
Co-organized by: Brotherhood Charity Foundation (91/10582)

Race Date: 19 SEP, 2015 (SAT) Venue: Tai Po, Tai Mei Tuk Dam helipad
(Prizes Ceremony at HKFYG Camp Site)
Transportation: KMB 75K Tai Po Market MTR Station - Tai Mei Tuk
Green Mini Bus 20C Tai Po Market MTR Station - Tai Mei Tu
Race Course: Tai Po, Tai Mei Tuk Dams/ Pak Sha Tau Pier

Start Time: Kids 1.5KM Start 18:00PM 7KM Individual and Team 1900PM
Visually Impaired 1910PM

Baggage: Tags with your race number will be provided. Please do not leave valuables as organizers will not be liable for any lost or damages.
Number Bib: Must be visible in the front at all times during race. Number bibs are not transferable. Any non- conformance, Will lead to disqualification.
Timing System: ChronoTrack, Official time will be use for the final result.
Water Station Location: a water station (Pak Sha Tau Ferry) will provided with feature cups supply; the start and end Points are equipped with water supply, in response to environmental protection, will no cups supplied, please bring your own drinking cup or water bottle.

Support for environmental protection: The Organizer will take Waste sorting method, please caring for the earth! Thank you!
Track safety: starting the main dam helipad, Pak Sha Tau pier are U Turn point, please keep left along the whole way; that will set up a lighting system in stages, Participants can decide whether or not to bring the headlights.
First-aid: Located at Start and Finish
Award: Individual /top 10, Team/Top 5, Award Medal and Gifts
Charity Lucky Draw: Lucky draw will be held before /after prize presentation. There are plenty of attractive lucky draw prizes and all runners are eligible.

Bad weather: If typhoons signal no.3 or above/red rainstorm/black rainstorm warning is hoisted at 3:00p.m. , or in case of unexpected circumstances that prevent the safe proceeding of the event, the organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the race. If the race is cancelled, the entry fee will not be refunded to entrants.

*The award ceremony will start about an hour after the Race Event. All winners must be personally present to accept the award, Please note that the organizer will not distribute the prize and award after the Ceremony.

The organizer has purchased Public Liability Insurance for the race. Competitors and
Their parents participate the race at their own risk. The organizer undertakes no
Liabilities to any personal injury. Competitors are recommended to purchase their
Own suitable insurance.

Note: Organizers reserve the right for any amendments and in case of discrepancies in Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


PFL 10KM Challenge 2015

Information : j|ɨƸT up date on 16-4-2015

10 km  Q

Family Treasure Hunt  ˤlM_C

Entry List 10 Km    up date on 

Entry List Family Hunt ˤlM_C


PFL 2015 - 10km Overall Result Z 

All Category Award  1-5

Team Award

Treasure Hunt ˤlM_C Result 





Ramp Challenge 2014 Final Station Results ׸-DԬ ׷Z

Ramp Challenge 2014 Final Station Results ׸-DԬ ׷Z


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